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Did you know?

Garret's first love is putting into words how people feel. He has tasted the cool breeze that blows through music city. Writing lyrics has been a gift blooming like a large bush [jokingly: insert metaphor here]. You will find Garret's lyrics are catchy and comical yet passionate, heart felt melodies. They can only command a heartfelt emotional response. We look forward to releasing the ironically titled, Garret's “Best of” in the coming year.

What you can do...

In the mean time please help Garret show our men and women of the American armed service that we support them and their families who have sacrificed. Please sign up for email alerts or add Garret as your friend on Myspace. We have worked hard to bring out these songs. Please visit the links at the top right. Garret would like to personally thank The Moss Brothers Band, Rebel Storm and Martin Henry Coffee Roaster.

Please come along, enjoy the journey and be inspired to laugh and sometimes cry. Join Garret and his friends who make this all possible; together we will encounter and share MORE than you can imagine.