About Garret Lloyd King

Garret was born in Central Washington. He currently resides in Western Washington and works with many musicians, bands and recording artists. He wears many hats like; producer, singer, song writer and engineer.

At the age of 11, Garret began to amaze his teachers and family with his extraordinary creative writing abilities. Soon, he began playing guitar, combining his musical and creative writing gifts to compose songs. Garret’s unique voice, adds a strong, yet tender vibrancy to his music and he is now working with one of Nashville's most prominent producers and recording engineers, Steve Chandler.

Once a radio DJ, Garret assumed the radio personality name of Lloyd King.
And now, he was in the process of recording his debut album, “The Best of Garret Lloyd King”, When a change in plans brought to us the recently completed mini EP “Boots in Heaven” included is the song with the same title along with “Where Does America Find Such Men” and “A Moment of Thunder”. The bands featured on this project are his ever growing friends: Kevin Dale, Jeff Moss, Troy Moss and Dave Smith of The Moss Brothers Band. And sibling Southern Rocker Billy Moss, Mark Baker, Phil Suggs and Bobby Nesbitt of Rebel Storm.

These 3 songs were written to touch the soul of our nation’s men and women of our armed forces, who defend all our freedoms. Garret is singed to 3 Crowns Music a small Independent Label with a big heart. Hope you enjoy his music.